Quantum Sphere Healing

     Atlanta Sound Healing's newest healing modality ­is now available: Quantum Sphere Healing (QSH). This is multi-dimensional work and opens communication with your Higher Self to uncover energy templates/blueprints that no longer serve you and release them.  In a session you are able to work on a current issue: emotional or psychological, family, finances, relationships, etc. Through sound technology, I am able to achieve a gamma brainwave state allowing access to these higher dimensions and communication with my own and the client's Higher Self.
    The issue is addressed on a much broader scope and may involve birth and early childhood issues, past lives, contracts, genetic inherited patterns, strong energy patterns or even off planet themes surrounding your issue. These patterns are pulled forward and transformed into clean clear energy that is repatterned with positive intent. The result is a deeper, more far reaching and comprehensive shifting of your issue.
     The sessions are done remotely and so you are able to relax during the session in the comfort of your own home. You can book a session via email and I will send you an email with questions for you to answer. Sessions are generally two hours. Please see email information below.
     What clients are saying about sessions:
     The reading I had from Stefanie made a lot of sense to me, and I was dumbfounded by the accuracy of a reading (or experience that we shared) about things we had never spoken of. For example, being tied to another worldly entity I have often felt this connection, that was kind of creepy, and never knew exactly what that was. I am glad it is gone, and my feelings are fully mine now. Eureka! 
     I really enjoyed my session very much! When I woke up the next morning, I felt major shifts.
For more information about QSH, please email me at
Sessions are currently $l00