Raise Your Vibration

I am in my 4th week of isolation. What an experience. So where am I during this worldwide shift? Well, the mind is quick to respond. It took about a week of strong fear-based thoughts to realize that the most important activity for me during this time is my daily meditation practice.

In my meditation space I can decide what my vibration is going to be. We are Consciousness.  I view consciousness as where I am emotionally, mentally (thoughts/beliefs) and spiritually (relation to Spirit).  Where is my consciousness? It is important to practice the teachings that help me feel grounded. Meditation is where I connect with my Higher Self and shift into the bigger picture. Which part of mass consciousness am I going to tune into? What is my contribution to mass consciousness, at this time?

If you are unaware of your own vibration, you may be caught up by feelings and thoughts that don't feel very good. Lots of fear, lots of separation, lots of you vs. me, lots of blaming, and lack. It is vitally important to remember at this time that regardless of what is going on around you, your consciousness is yours to create and maintain.

 These choices have been here all along for you, but perhaps this unique time has been given to you to awaken to some new vibrations. Do you have the time now to start that meditation practice? Can you see clearly how what you focus on can change how you feel? Can you be grateful for your life? Are you able to be outside and feel how the Earth supports you? Can you shift your perspective to see different outcomes?

It is easy to focus on lack right now as many struggle with financial insecurity. There is also a rise in violence in the home. I get it. I have been in some dark places in my life. The one thing that I had to discover and remember was that my thoughts, my emotions, my spirit were mine. Yes, I was affected by other's energy fields, other's beliefs, physical circumstances, and possibly even mind control, but ultimately, I was and continue to be, a Sovereign being, responsible for my own healing and growth. And that includes asking for help. Remember, we are part of a society, and there are many in this current experience who desire to help. If you want to read mainstream media, read the stories about how people are helping their neighbors and their towns. There are a lot of them.  I don't want to simplify serious issues that some people are experiencing. I have received much help in the dark times of my life. But it was up to me to ask for it and to receive it.

Take the time today to check-in with yourself. Where are your thoughts?  What are your feelings? Are you feeling connected to Spirit? If you don't like where you are, can you imagine moving into a different frequency. Can you imagine a shift in consciousness at this moment? Can you imagine that what is currently going on may turn out to be the best reset for this planet than anything prior? Certainly, this kind of shift has not happened before in modern times. What can we create with our own consciousness while adding to the planetary consciousness?  Can we be the change that we want?

I want to acknowledge that the United States has had quite the disruption in the political status quo. But the last few years have shined a light on some dark places which, really, have always been here.  And some big movements have taken place with the shining of that light. 

Take this opportunity to raise your frequency, to shift your consciousness and to bring light to what could be a dark time.  Be the change you want. Remember the big picture.  There is an energy for big changes on this planet, an opportunity to really raise the frequency, and even to move into a higher dimension. I encourage all of us to be aware of our own gifts to this change and our personal shifts into a consciousness that keeps the light shining.

I am taking appointments for Spiritual coaching sessions, which can include assistance in starting a meditation practice. For these and sound healing appointments, please email me at this link Stefanie@AtlantaSoundHealing.com