Other Services

Wedding Officiant
    Stefanie believes the commitment of two people to journey together in the sacred dance of life is one to be celebrated and shared with family and loved ones. She offers her services as a licensed minister to all couples and is excited to create the perfect ceremony for you.
     "We were so glad you were the one that performed our ceremony! We felt like it was a perfect fit!!!"  - C & G
     "Thank you again Stefanie for a lovely ceremony! You were truly a wonderful addition to our day. Many people have commented on what a nice service it was." 
- J & W
     "Most awesome day ever!" P & S 

Introduction to Sound Healing
Stefanie is available to speak to your group about sound healing. This talk discusses the many uses of sound in our vibrational world for both healing and stress reduction. 

Meditations are available on Atlanta Sound Healing YouTube page.

Quantum Sphere Healing
QSH is a remote healing modality for specific issue. I am creating a website devoted to this practice and will post the link here when available. Feel free to ask about this.