Bowl Sessions

A bowl session has the ability to lower your brainwaves to an alpha or theta brainwave state. In these lower brainwave states, you are able to access a meditative, peaceful state of mind which has a powerful healing effect on your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Through entrainment, the energy fields and space surrounding our physical body can be balanced and energy blocks removed. Many of us go from a high beta or beta state directly into sleep without allowing ourselves the experience of these alpha or theta states where healing and creative expression is possible.
The relaxation experienced during a session can result in immediate relief from pain, tension and anxiety. Stress reduction is often the beginning of physical healing.
You can experience connection with your super conscious self to begin the healing that each of us is capable of achieving on all levels within ourselves. You may become more aware of negative thinking patterns and experience profound perspective shifts about events in your life. A client told me several days after her first session: "I feel a whole lot better and a whole lot less hurt." She began to make strategic plans towards a goal that she had put aside.
In a session, I use recorded music and begin placing bowls around and on your body. I may employ other sound techniques, depending on the individual. Each session is different, as each of us is a unique being in a different moment of experience and expression. A session usually lasts an hour. I spend time with each client before each session to identify expectations and physical issues. There is also time after a session to work with emotional content that may come up during the session.
Appointments are currently $75. For more information and to schedule appointments please email