Re-tuning Personal Frequency

What happens when you forget that you are a powerful being? What happens when you don’t keep your thoughts, emotions and imagination - your frequency - high? For myself, I become afraid. Fear is such a low vibration. What has lowered my vibration into fear?

One thing for sure is what my incoming information has been. I don’t listen to MSM, but I do follow social media accounts. One in particular is from what I thought was a high vibration community. I believed that the information I would receive would empower me. Instead I have realized, it fills me with fear. Perhaps there is a lot to be afraid about. As more and more disclosure takes place, it gets scary. Regardless, the saying when I was in computer programming school was garbage in garbage out. So if I’m filling myself with scary and divisive information, I will create fear and mistrust.

So do I want to put my head in the sand and be totally in denial that shit is happening? No. Perhaps there is something I would want to be prepared for so I can rest easy. I don't want to miss an opportunity to take an action towards a positive outcome. As in most things, the answer here is balance. No I don’t have to put my head in the sand, nor do I have to spend hours a day reading doomsday prophecies. A balanced level of awareness is sufficient to be alert and happy.

Also I acknowledge that I have not been doing my daily meditation - my time to sit and connect with Source, with my Higher Self, with my powerful consciousness that can create at levels beyond imagination. I’m remembering where I was a short time ago. My frequency was super high. I was meditating daily. I was not afraid. I was filled with light, joy, love and a deep knowing that my ability to thrive and create what I want was steadfast.

For example, I was driving my father from Atlanta to central Florida. That interstate is notorious for traffic backups. So I spent the day before the trip visualizing an easy voyage without traffic delays. About midway we pulled into a rest area and as we went to leave, there was a police car blocking the exit. Apparently they had closed the interstate for something that they were doing - btw, something I had never heard of. Anyway it was fine as he said it wouldn’t be long and actually I wanted to walk my dog a little bit. It wasn’t long before we were allowed to exit and as we pulled onto the interstate, I realized we were the only car on the road! The stop we had made was right in the middle of the closed section and so there was no one anywhere! I started laughing out loud. Wow, I said to my dad, I just asked for no traffic back ups and here we are with our own interstate! 

That’s conscious creation. The ability to affect traffic on the highway. I have a million stories like this, and even with all of the years of working with the power of consciousness, I sometimes get derailed. So today, I’m back to a daily meditation practice and I’m being very select with what information I'm consuming as well as how much time I spend on social media. I am clearing my channel and reconnecting to Source that resides within. 

I wanted to post this as a REMINDER to us all. Do what works for you to raise your vibrations. The two suggestions here are what work for me today. Stay connected to Source, be aware but don’t be saturated with the dark information that abounds. If you’re off track, get back on. It happens to us all.