Consciousness and awareness of programs

One of the most difficult parts of acknowledging and accepting that we are co-creatorrs with Source through consciousness using our thoughts, emotions and imagination is when our lives are a complete mess. It is easier to place the blame on circumstances - whatever those may be. The victim mode.

It is difficult sitting in the consequences of your choices when things are bad. The conditions that we have created support our limited beliefs about our power to create. As you sit in them, they tell you - “See, you feel that way because it’s true.” 

I first learned about creating your reality when I was about 12. My sister told me that my thoughts and beliefs can affect everything. I really believed her and soon tested it when I lost my contact lens in the dryer as I was doing laundry. I stood in front of the dryer and said, I want to reach in there and find my contact. And I did. I have never doubted it since.

Does that mean my life has been fabulous and everything I’ve ever wanted has manifested? I would like to be able to say yes. Maybe next lifetime. Haha.

I have learned a lot about myself by looking at what I easily manifest and what I don’t. Because it tells me what I really think and believe about myself, my world. So much goes into our beliefs about ourselves and our world and childhood sets the stage for a lot, particularly trauma. So many of us walk around with our traumatized, wounded child running the show. Our first programming. 

As we move into society, we begin to receive societal programs. They can be pretty straightforward and direct or they can be insidious and go almost unnoticed. Main stream media (MSM) run some of the most insidious programming on this planet, although recently, they seem to be getting very direct and aren’t even trying to hide it.  And with the internet and social media, the programming can get pretty aggressive. Where does it come from? It comes from the wounded child I spoke about before. So we’re being programmed by the traumatized children who are also programmed. Lucky us!

So how do we circumvent this? How do we shift and change things in the middle of a mess. The  first step is to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives. Response to the ability to create and change. Earlier I spoke of the victim mode and it is a vicious cycle. I’m sure we all know someone who is constantly complaining or whining about people and events in their lives and eventually we realize that the one constant denominator is them! And that is when we recognize that perhaps they are responsible for all of the things happening to them. So we can turn that around and really understand and accept at a mind and heart level that what we are thinking and feeling is creating what we are experiencing. 

Please, do not be critical of yourself. Become curious. Become dedicated to listening to yourself. What are you thinking about through most hours of your day? Is it positive and something that you want? What are you saying? Are you saying affirmative positive things? Words are an important reflection of what we are thinking and often point out the programs that run without us even realizing it. So what programs are we listening to and running?

So step one: Take responsibility and begin to pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling.