I am excited to begin a blog on Sound Healing. I started Atlanta Sound Healing in 2009. I was working on a Master of Divinity from University of Metaphysical Sciences and one of my courses was vibrational healing. In that course, I read about Sound Healing for the first time and immediately began to read all I could about using sound for healing. In fact, I ended up writing my Thesis on sound healing.

I am no stranger to the power of sound. I have been a musician since a very early age and my first career was as a live sound engineer, first for the US Army Field Band and then with my own company in Washington D.C.

Alternative healing has also been a large component in my life. Today more and more people are understanding that a more holistic approach to good health is a better prescription than a, well, prescription. Long ago, I realized that any doctor I went to really just ran a test, prescribed a pill, ran another test.

So suddenly here was a healing modality that spoke to me.  Or perhaps, I ought to say, sang to me. Sound healing is different though than the use of music. While I do use music in my practice, I am not a music therapist. Certainly one of my blogs will be about the differences.

The next step was to decide what sound healing modality to focus on. As I researched, I read about tuning forks, cymatherapy, drumming, music therapy and more. Truthfully, there wasn't a lot of information about Tibetan bowls. But the first time I heard a bowl, I knew that was my instrument for healing.

As I called around and talked to various people, no one had a "course" or a "class" on how to use Tibetan bowls. There were no protocols, no manuals. What I heard and read about though, was intention, listening to the inner voice, working with a person's energy.

The years have taught me much and I feel it is time to begin writing about all that I've learned and share information about my practice as well as other practitioners and healers I've had the opportunity to meet and work with.

Please enjoy.