Spiritual Coaching

I would like to share with you one of the services I provide - Spiritual Coaching. In the early 80’s I was a member of a new thought, consciousness-based church and started ministerial school with that church.  Later in life I completed my ministerial studies and received a Master of Divinity from a Metaphysical University.  I was introduced to Sound Healing in that curriculum and wrote my thesis on the topic. 

When I started doing sound healing sessions I realized that often times a sound healing session brings up emotional content for a client and there is time spent talking about it. I began to feel that there was a need for more time for those conversations and I decided to further my studies to include a certification as a professional life coach. So I expanded Atlanta Sound Healing services to include Spiritual Coaching.

When the world shut down in 2020, everyone was affected. Some people prospered, some suffered. As we have returned to “normal” many of us have discovered new ways of living, new ways of thinking and new ways of relating to ourselves and others. 

These new ways are part of what I believe to be a planetary shift into a higher consciousness. I believe it to be an evolutionary change that has been heading our way for a long time and we are in the midst of it. As old systems and old ways are breaking down and making way for the new, there can be feelings of chaos, confusion, a sense that things have gone crazy. Really, those who have created and supported the “old system” are not going to go quietly or easily. 

This is reflected in our individual lives as we embrace new ways of being and thinking and connecting.  We may be afraid, we may be distracted, we may feel hopeless.  But we can use this time, this energy, this opportunity to remember who we are. We are Spirit, we are evolving, we are here to support this Shift. We can connect to our Higher Self and receive guidance. And we can also receive support from others, be it groups or individuals. 

In essence my method of Spiritual Coaching is about supporting you through these changes. I want to help you develop a practice that works best for you. I studied with a Shaman for 11 years and she called it The Work. And that is how I approach it. What is your Work?  

I have a myriad of tools developed over many years of study and my own Work.  I practice and teach perspective shifting, vibrational shifting, meditation, science of mind consciousness training. My goal with each client is to listen, to understand, to offer ideas and to support you on this path as you do your Work.  

Peace and love. That is my Work. What is yours?

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